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Throughout our lives as we mature from birth, to childhood, and on up to adults, we go through things that are a bit overwhelming. With all the regular/normals growths and changes of life, there are also certain things that may happen to imbalance a person a little more. When or, if, such things occur in an individual life it can force them to need special guidance, attention, and help. This is the purpose for our nonprofit organization in which we are trying to develop, called, "CHILDREN", (Charming Heart's Inspiring Life's Dreams by Reaching to Endure Needs!).

A Child at Heart for Life, will be our theme and motto! (A Charming Heart Inspiring Life's Dreams). We dedicate our lives to inspire those in need to live life to the fullest, even at times when things look dark and dreary, to just keep living until the day comes when things are bright and cheery. Everyone who has breath can be the best of what their heart may desire to be in life, especially when it is for the good of self and all others.

When you take a look over the internet and other places, all of our surrounding states are doing things to Reach & Endure the needs of others. Our endeavor to create this organization came about while trying to prevent the worst and promote the best. We all have been through things and in situations that could have turned our lives for the worst but, with "FAITH", (Finding the Ability to Impart all Troubles to "HIM"),-(HE who Inspires Many!), we are aiming for the best in spite of!

We have several ideas to present to all those who may be interested. With the help of others we can form a dedicated group of,"CHILDREN", who will love to be a "CHILD" at Heart for Life!


A Few of our children

Children love to play baseball, bounce in fun house. All children have dreams, sometime it takes a camp and a family to raise a child. The next generation of leaders are growing up now. When you was a child someone inspired you to become the person you are today.

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